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Sunday, 13 September 2015

I had a great blog party on the 10th and enjoyed interacting with my visitors. A big thank you to all who visited and left comments.

The RRBC committee have now judged the comments and they have listed my winners as follows:

*$10.00 Amazon Gift Card - Rhani D'Chae

*$5.00 ITunes Gift Card - Larry Hyatt

*One copy of the award winning, non-fiction paperback: The Miracle Ship - Jan Hawke

*One e-book copy of the award winning first book in the Inspector Sheehan Series: The Doom Murders - Bethany Turner

*One ebook copy of the award winning contemporary fiction novel: Fallen Men - Stevie Turner

The RRBC Congratulations to all of the winners. To those who have won copies of my books, I hope that reading of them will not be too dull and experience for you.

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