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Buy The Doom Murders on Amazon Kindle

The Doom Murders has been the recipient of three literary awards - The IDB Award in 2014 and The new Apple Award, 2014, for Excellence in Independent Publishing, and the Bronze Medal from Readers Favourite Awards, 2015, in the Murder Mystery category.

Prominent figures in Belfast are being murdered. The bodies are left naked and posed in grotesquely distorted shapes. No clues are left at the forensically immaculate crime scenes except odd theatrical props and some random numbers and letters concealed at each scene by the killer. How are the victims linked? What is the connection between these killings, the bible, and a famous mediaeval painting of The Last Judgement?

Novelist and screenwriter (Film and TV) Eugene Fournier has this to say about The Doom Murders:
A disturbingly deep and satisfying Irish novel that pretends to be just an intriguing murder mystery set in Belfast. Despite its dark topic and the gruesome series of almost medieval killings that form its backbone, The Doom Murders surprises the reader with its wonderfully warm yet constricted microcosm of police and crime scenes, victims and suspects. Everything is drawn with an acerbic pen - whether it's the city, its institutions, or the gaggle of fascinating characters that populate the novel - all are at once engaging and, at the same time, flawed….but everything is authentic and thoroughly Irish… The serial crimes are thought-provoking, the clues make sense and the motivations ring true and all is resolved in a very satisfying manner. 

Buy The Doom Murders on Amazon Kindle

The 11.05 Killings

Join DCI Jim Sheehan soon in his second novel, The 11.05 Murders from Crimson Cloak Publishing. Join Brian O'Hare here, at his Facebook, or Twitter for news and releases on the next book!

Three people are murdered on separate Tuesday evenings at precisely 11.05. Random clues point to random suspects, but too many questions remain unanswered. Why 11.05pm for each killing? Is there any connection between these deaths and a rape that occurred at Queen’s university twelve years before? What is the connection between the killings and Sergeant Stewart’s mystery informant? Who is the violent stalker who twice nearly kills Detective Allen? What is his connection, if any, to the murders? When one of his team is kidnapped, Inspector Sheehan has literally only minutes to make sense of these questions if he is to save his colleague’s life.  

Brian O'Hare is an intelligent storyteller who takes his chosen genre a decent literary distance beyond your average 'Whodunnit'. Murder investigations must be like this in real life: the discovery of layers of complications and interwoven situations which tell the reader things worth knowing about the human condition, regardless of the mysteries being unravelled. You will have your suspicions throughout but patience and perspicacity are needed to tease through all the possible patterns and arrive at a final point where all the pieces fit. And, of course, you can confidently expect a few surprises before the end! One for the connoisseurs of this genre. Congratulations brian O'Hare on a well-crafted piece of work.
                                              [Robin Chambers, Author of the Myrddin’s Heir Series]

Purchase The 11.05 Murders on Amazon. or Crimson Cloak

The Coven Murders
Volume 3 of the Inspector Sheehan Mysteries.

The Coven Murders opens with a horrifying account of a ritual Black Mass and a human sacrifice in an abandoned church. Twenty- one years later, near an old ruined church in an area of outstanding natural beauty, Chief Inspector Sheehan and his team discover the skeleton of a young woman. But what seems initially to be a straightforward case, brings the team into conflict with a powerful Satanist who has plans to offer up to Satan another human sacrifice on the evening of the great Illuminati feast of Lughnasa. Several murders occur, baffling the Inspector until he makes a connection between the modern murders and the twenty-one year old skeleton. The team’s pursuit of the murderer and their determination to protect a young woman who is targeted by the coven, leads to a horrific climax in a hellish underground crypt where Sheehan and his team, supported by an exorcist and a bishop, attempt to do battle with the coven and a powerful demon, Baphomet, jeopardising not only their lives, but risking the wrath of Satan upon their immortal souls.

Wow, what a ride that was!  It was scary. [C. Todd, Beta Reader]

Next time you hear anyone say that murder mysteries are never well-written or literary, shove this book in their face. [Willcape, blogger]

The end took me completely by surprise. I’m willing to bet there are few out there who will guess this one.  Denna Holm, Para-normal and Sci-fi novelist.

Why isn't Brian O'Hare better known in the crime writing world? This man is extremely talented. [Joseph Sousa, crime Writer]

Head and shoulders above most mystery authors who are published today, Brian O’Hare deserves far wider recognition. [A.C. Amazon reviewer]


A young priest's life spirals out of control when long-submerged memories of childhood abuse begin to surface. He seeks solace in a friendship with a beautiful seventeen-year-old-choir girl but this leads to a doomed love affair that ends in disaster. Fallen Men touches on some dark themes but it is ultimately a novel of redemption. It has won the Amazon IDB Award in January, 2013 and has also won Top Medallist Honours in the General Fiction category of the prestigious New Apple 2015 Awards for Excellence in Literature..

Some significant critics have this to say about the book:
"Great story…I could not put it down when I got to the second half. Well written, great characters. The psychological aspects are key.” - Stephen Frankini, Publisher, Tumblar House Books. 
"O’Hare has a pleasant, easy-to-read writing style. I have written five books and edited five others, so I realize the hard work and effort that go into writing a full length novel...There are aspects of this book that I thoroughly appreciated. The topic of sexual abuse is dealt with sensitively. There are no attention-seeking graphic descriptions. The flashbacks of child sex abuse and the depictions of the depression, guilt and breakdown after a rushed abortion are particularly well done. I found the court sequences to be believable and compelling. This is definitely an author with natural storytelling ability."  - Ellen Gable Hrkach, Reviewer, Catholic Fiction
“A story that is both current and gripping. It has distinctive and credible dialogue and beautifully forged characters. It is clear that the writer is a keen observer of human nature. I genuinely enjoyed reading this book.” - John Anthony, Publisher, Pink Cloud

Buy Fallen Men on Amazon.com


The Miracle Ship

Buy The Miracle Ship at Amazon in Kindle Ebook and Paperback


Do you believe in miracles? Do you believe in demonic possession? Do you believe in exorcism?  John Gillespie has been gifted with a most extraordinary power. This true account of his life and ministry, of the miracles and deliverances that follow his prayers, will amaze you. If you read and liked Miracles Do Happen, you’ll love The Miracle Ship.

The Miracle Ship was awarded Top Medallist Honours in the non-fiction category of the 2015 New Apple Awards for Excellence.

 Like the prophets of old, every so often God raises up a special person to address the needs of their generation. John Gillespie is a man for our times.  [Eilish Cummins, daughter of Larry Cummins]

This is a fascinating story of an incredible man. His journey has been fleshed out in an understandable, yet thought-provoking manner through the able pen of O’Hare  [Luana Erlich, author of One Night in Tehran, When Camels Fly, etc.]

Spoke directly to me and forced me to re-assess myself, my beliefs, my faith, my spirituality, and just about everything I thought I knew   [Joy Nwosu Lo-Bamijoko, author of Mirror of Our Lives, etc.]

Author Biography
Because of a childhood disease that required a liver transplant, Dr. Brian O’Hare took early retirement in 1998 from his post as Assistant Director of the Southern Regional College in Newry in Northern Ireland.  He now enjoys full health, plays golf, and travels. He is author of several academic works as well as two memoirs, and three award winning fiction novels. He is also author of Crimson Cloak’s Inspector Sheehan mystery series.

Buy The Miracle Ship at Amazon in Kindle Ebook and Paperback

A Spiritual Odyssey: Diary of an Ordinary Catholic

Buy A Spiritual Odyssey at Amazon in Kindle Ebook and Paperback or Crimson Cloak

"A Spiritual Odyssey" is the compelling story of a six-year journey on two converging paths - a burgeoning spirituality, and a dramatic physical degeneration that took the author to the doors of death. It is essentially a witness to the miraculous grace of God, and how it reaches into both soul and body. The author describes in detail his medical journey to a liver transplant while, at the same time, struggling with questions of a theological nature. The questions, however, are not academic. They emerge from the practical, often confusing circumstances in which the author finds himself as he copes with dying and tries to understand his growing spirituality.

Significant commentators had this to say about A Spiritual Odyssey:
"Some of the medical descriptions chill the blood but the religious explorations are heart-warming, ranging from reading theologians as different as Sean Fagan and Basil Hume, to a meeting with the sensible and down-to-earth Sister Briege McKenna, and to a pilgrimage through the holy places of France, all of which makes this a fine exposition of the riches of the Catholic tradition." - David McLaurin, The Tablet
"...well written and should appeal to readers who draw inspiration from accounts of others' experiences. Of interest to public libraries." - Denise J. Stankovics, Connecticut Library Association Review, USA  
"Intelligent and sensitive...very moving...gives a graphic account of suffering and anguish...gives us wonderful vignettes of people he met on his journey. His description of Lourdes is truly evocative and marvellous." - Anthony Redmond, The Irish Catholic 
"A courageous book, deeply fascinating. I believe it will do a lot of good." - Sr. Louise Hume, Abbess of The Poor Clares, Australia.
"I read it with enjoyment and, I hope, profit. What distinguishes it from other
spiritual works is the clarity of the prose and the honesty of the author." - Professor Art Cosgrove,Vice-Chancellor, University College, Dublin
"This is just a note to tell you how much I enjoyed, and was impressed by your Spiritual Odyssey. It deserves a very wide readership as it has the potential to do a lot of good for God’s holy people. I have bought extra copies for friends who will be deeply touched by it." - Fr. Sean Fagan, International Theologian, lecturer and writer)
 Buy A Spiritual Odyssey at Amazon in Kindle Ebook and Paperback


The new Inspector Sheehan Shorts have now been published by Crimson Cloak and are available on Amazon, Smashwords, Ingrams in both ebook and paperback.


It's an ordinary day at Sam's roadside diner, with the usual mix of customers. But when the lights fail a gunshot rings out - and one of them lies dead. Detective Chief Inspector Jim Sheehan must unravel a string of coincidences to determine who is the murderer.


Elderly Wilhelm Huntzinger lies dead beside his wheelchair.

Inspector Jim Sheehan must discover who among the residents of the Woodlands Care Home released the brake to send him plunging to his death: but does the answer lie in the German ex-officer's wartime history, or is it to be found nearer to home?

The latest of the Inspector Sheehan series is a short story that can double as a party mystery game: create teams, read the story aloud, and see who can guess the murderer!


Adrienne Davies visits Loftus House, home of her old friend Margaret and her difficult husband Edward. There's no love lost between him and his other house guests, or indeed his own family. After a tense packed evening, in the middle of the night someone screams ...

A Country House. A Murder. Five suspects. Detective Chief Inspector Sheehan investigates.

This compelling short story can be used as a murder game scenario at parties, or enjoyed as a standalone Jim Sheehan mystery.

Books at the CCP shop also have the option of reduced price coupons. Double check before buying

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