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Sunday, 28 February 2016


Three people are murdered on separate Tuesday evenings at precisely 11.05. Random clues point to random suspects, but too many questions remain unanswered. Why 11.05pm for each killing? Is there any connection between these deaths and a rape that occurred at Queen’s University twelve years before? What is the connection between the killings and Sergeant Stewart’s mystery informant? Who is the violent stalker who twice nearly kills Detective Allen? What is his connection, if any, to the murders? When one of his team is kidnapped, Inspector Sheehan has literally only minutes to make sense of these questions if he is to save his colleague’s life.

Brian O’Hare is an intelligent storyteller who takes his chosen genre a decent literary distance beyond your average ‘Whodunnit’. Murder investigations must be like this in real life: the discovery of layers of complications and interwoven situations which tell the reader things worth knowing about the human condition, regardless of the mysteries being unravelled. You will have your suspicions throughout, but patience and perspicacity is needed to tease through all the possible patterns and arrive at the final point where all the pieces fit. And, of course, you can confidently expect a few surprises before the end! One for the connoisseurs of this genre. Congratulations Brian O’Hare on a well-judged, carefully crafted piece of work.                                                                                                                 [Robin Chambers, Author of the Myrddin’s Heir Series]