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Thursday, 4 November 2021


by Lunastella » 28 Oct 2021, 18:49

The discovery of the murdered body of a young woman on a wealthy homeowner's lawn sends Inspector Sheehan and his Serious Crimes Unit following an intricate thread of clues and red herrings. The investigation begins to unveil the harrowing realities of a human trafficking net in Northern Ireland, apparently led by a mysterious figure only known as “The Shadow”. How does this relate to Alina, a beautiful young Romanian woman who was recently offered a life-saving job opportunity in Belfast? Or to Lin Hui, a brilliant student at Queen’s University? Will the ominous threat “Cross The Shadow; become a shade” ring true? The Trafficking Murders by Brian O’Hare follows a Belfast detective team in their job to bring human traffickers to justice, as well as their persecution of different suspects, some of them seemingly respectable citizens, involved in this macabre network.

The stellar feature of this novel is how well it handles racial and cultural issues. The novel mainly deals with Romanian, Chinese and Irish cultures. While the author acknowledges racism, because this is a reality, and he even portrays some minor mistakes we could all make when engaging with people from other cultures, he never condones these behaviors. Moreover, he doesn’t label one culture as the “good guys” and the other ones as “the bad guys” as we often see in other novels. Every single nuance he added comes to show the reader that there’s good and evil in every culture and that it is our actions and not our race that unites us or separates us.

The psychological realities that a horrible crime like human trafficking entails are correctly portrayed, without drawing upon shock value, but without diminishing the diverse facets of suffering (blame, fear, learned helplessness) that victims experience. Likewise, Brian O’Hare explores other usually overlooked aspects of human trafficking, such as tricks and grooming.

Another exceptional feature of the novel is the diversity of the cast of characters. I especially love Sergeant Denise Stewart who is a strong and unstoppable woman, and Dr. Jones, who shows that men can be sensitive too. Mr. O’Hare creates such compelling characters that I still remembered most of them from a previous installment of The Inspector Sheehan Mysteries series, which I read in 2019.

Perfect pacing is the cherry on top of this brilliant novel. The book opens with a bang and keeps the reader on their toes, without a single boring moment or predictable incidents.

Brian O’Hare sheds a light on a grim reality with this perfectly executed thriller. The novel has unforgettable characters, heart-pounding pacing, and an unpredictable plot while keeping a balance between sensitivity and reality.

This is a perfect novel for anyone who enjoys mysteries and thrillers, who is interested in the realities of human trafficking, in the psychology of violence victims, or in learning the intricacies of police work. However, I would not recommend it to readers who lack the patience for a numerous cast of characters. This, and the many acronyms used, can be confusing at the beginning, even if the author kindly provided a list. Readers who prefer the “Sherlock Scan” trope where the lead detective solves everything just by superhuman observational skills could feel frustrated by the realities of the tiresome police job (multiple interviews, toxicology reports, and other minutiae) portrayed in this novel. Finally, readers who are especially sensitive to violence and rape might want to reconsider reading the novel, though these topics are not detailed explicitly.

Thursday, 15 October 2020


Alina Balauru departs a poor farm in Romania for well paid work in Northern Ireland. Lin Hui and Cheung Mingzhu have won scholarships from Shenzhen University in China to study at Queen’s University in Belfast. Three lives harbouring long-cherished dreams. Three lives headed for tragedy.

Sheehan and his Serious Crimes Unit, discover the body of a beautiful Chinese girl in the garden of an upmarket residence. Confronted with violent Chinese racketeers, brutal people-traffickers and a fiendishly clever killer, they are baffled by a case that seems to lead in two entirely different directions. They learn about the three victimised young women. One has already been murdered. Can they find out who The Shadow is in time to save the other two?

This was certainly a dark but brilliantly written book that kept me gripped from beginning to end.
[Samantha Wells Amazon Reviewer]

Someday we will speak of Brian O'Hare in the same breath as other great crime novelists, such as Michael Connelly, James Ellroy, and Jo Nesbo. [Laurent Duperval Amazon Reviewer]

The characters' emotions are visceral and real, and as the reader it's impossible not to respond to that. That is amazing writing! [Shannon Matheny (Amazon Reviewer)]

Although it is a work of fiction, it provides us with a powerful reminder of what everyday life is like for some people, even today. One of my favourite police procedural series. [Olga Miret, Ph. D, M.Sc (Criminology) Author and Blogger.]

Sunday, 12 July 2020


A chance encounter with an internet post from Babelcube came at a time when a Spanish lady asked me to consider translating my book, The Miracle Ship, into Spanish. Had either event occurred at separate times, I probably might have ignored both. The serendipitous nature of the two event s, however, made me stop and think.

Babelcube brings authors and translators together and arranges to have the resultant translations made available on many different sales outlets. And the beauty of the arrangement is that everyone relies on royalties to pay all expenses. There are no upfront costs. Having nothing to lose, I followed Babelcube's instructions and was soon able to take the photograph below of two books that now sit side by side on my study shelves.

Encouraged by this, I am now working with a pleasant and highly qualified Italian gentleman who is undertaking to translate my Inspector Sheehan Mysteries series into Italian. Who'd have thought this would ever be possible?

Tuesday, 21 April 2020

This review was posted yesterday on the Online Book Club Website

5 Stars

Brian O’Hare’s Dark Web Murders is as exceptionally thrilling as his initial three novels in his murder mysteries series. The plots are all incredibly diverse and imaginative, and O’Hare offers the perfect amount of detail for reader imagery, but not too much as to overwhelm the readers. The 11:05 Murders, I will say, contains the least amount gore among the works, but they are all written with a tasteful amount of detail.Dark Web Murders plays on religion enough that I should mention it, but it is nothing compared to the Satanist characters involved his last work The Coven Murders. The mention of religion is not obscene or repeated enough to cause anyone to overlook this piece of fiction on that basis alone. However, this work does, in its entirety, involve and revolve around sexual deviancy. Homosexuality is a major theme explored in the work, but nothing that should prevent readers leery of such topics from enjoying this literary puzzle. The sex crimes mentioned in this book, however, may be a red flag for those sensitive to rape, pedophilia, or abuse. As mentioned previously, O’Hare leaves much to the imagination while still painting a relatively good picture for his audience. Furthermore, the sadistic nature of O’Hare’s criminals is not for the faint-hearted, so this murder mystery series is definitely directed towards a mature audience of literary intellect privy to solving murder scenarios similar to those witnessed on famous crime shows such as CSI.Dark Web Murders encompasses Chief Inspector Jim Sheehan and his team as they work to uncover the identity of a psychotic serial killer with an affinity for police truncheons. This thrilling tale is unique to the previous novels in the series because the murderer leaves the reader clues to solve the case in the form of blog posts on the dark web. The imaginative nature of this novel leaves me in utter awe at O’Hare’s talent as an author. This is the first novel in the series that I have come close to solving before the intuitive Chief Sheehan, and I hope to finally beat him at his own game in the next installment.

The characters develop even more in this novel and we get a sneak peek into the romance of Tom and Denise, a romance I enjoyed reading about in The 11:05 Murders. This book is strictly about the case, so readers looking for a romantic side story may be misled by O’Hare’s second installment of the series, but, with another addition to the series in the works, there is no predicting where O’Hare decides to go next with his well-written characters.

The aspect I like most about this book is O’Hare’s consistency in initially giving a glimpse of a seemingly unrelated crime that the audience is left to tie into the story. The idea to include ciphering and codes in this novel was also exciting, and I was surprised that I could not figure it out before the characters did! There were no aspects to this novel that I disliked; while I would have enjoyed more character development in Denise Stewart, I realize the intent of the series is focused on the mind-boggling clues that the reader, along with Sheehan’s men, must decipher.

Incredibly well edited, O’Hare creates a seamless environment for the reader to be immersed, and I have come to realize that starting one of his novels on a busy day is never a good idea because I am never able to put it down! Once again, I have solved a murder in just two days! If only results were that fast in real crime-fighting.

I rate Dark Web Murders by Brian O’Hare a 4/4 for providing another amazing puzzle that never fails to baffle. The previous works of this series have been phenomenal, so this novel had high expectations to meet. O’Hare has once again knocked it out of the park! I should mention though, that the Northern Ireland setting includes language that is unnatural to myself, being an American, but this did not deter me in the slightest or hinder my reading experience in the least. I recommend this book to all avid readers who enjoy a puzzle just as much as they enjoy working with the detectives in realistic fiction television series.

Monday, 17 February 2020


A Spiritual Odyssey is soon to re-issued under the imprint of Crimson Cloak Publishing. The owner has designed a different cover for the new edition. This is it.

Thursday, 31 October 2019


I am a member of a group called All Authors. Madi, the brains behind the group is hugely tech savvy. He has made some new banners for my books... that I can post on Twitter or Faceboook. Here are some of them. I think he is very creative

Wednesday, 25 September 2019


I received the following announcement on 11th September, 2019.

From: New Apple Literary Services <newapple@newappleliterary.com>
Date: 11 September 2019 at 08:06:39 BST

To: brian o'hare brianohare26@hotmail.co.uk

2019 New Apple Summer eBook Awards for Excellence in Independent Publishing

Your book THE DARK WEB MURDERS' was chosen as the SOLO MEDALLIST WINNER in the Mystery category of our Summer eBook Awards!

Throughout the coming months, New Apple will roll out the prizes associated with the awards including social media announcements, digital awards certificates, press releases and digital medallions to place on your ebook covers.


Below are some quotations taken from recent reviews of The Dark Web Murders

I am going to go back and read the first three books in the series. The hardest part of this novel is how true it could actually be and probably is somewhere in our world. It was so well written that I felt like I was watching the entire investigation from the Serious Crimes Office. Bravo Brian.
5 Star review from JT. (Amazon reviewer.)

Truly an amazing read with just the right amount of everything. This includes the author's mastery of human speech. The dialogue for each character encapsulates their personality; ranging from the polite mannerism of Sgt Stewart to the highly intellectual prestige of the murder. A simply brilliant display of craftsmanship and well worth a read. 

5 star review from Topaz (Amazon reviewer)

Brian excels at exposing the dark side of human beings who lead public lives as high and mighty members of society. When murder occurs, Inspector Jim Sheehan and his team must race to identify and apprehend a psychopath who posts his exploits on the dark web. Sheehan faces an impossible choice in the hair-raising climax

 5 Star review (Amazon Reviewer)

I literally could not out this book down. Captivating, full of adrenaline and yes indeed it was dark. In all the books I have read, I have never come across a book written like this and with such an amazing story line. 
5 star review Charlie’$. (Amazon Reviewer.)